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Dear Customer,

We hope that you will find this website to be a useful guide in your selection of frames and mounts. It has been our aim to make the information and tables as user friendly as possible, and to ensure that our prices are some of the most competitive available, but without compromising our high quality workmanship, and materials used.

As someone who enjoys painting myself, I appreciate the problems associated with obtaining frames at a reasonable price, without order complications, made from quality materials and delivered efficiently and quickly. We believe that we meet all of these important standards and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or letter should you require any further information or samples of any of our materials.

Yours Sincerely

Anthony Clapson


All our frames are individually constructed to customers’ orders. They are made from selected quality soft and hard woods, and are glued and underpinned for maximum strength. The frames are delivered complete with screw-eyes, cord and wall hooks for ease of hanging. Our prices include clear glass, which is cleaned and polished before insertion, plus special Conservatex backing board. Both the glass and backing board are held in place in the frame with bendable flexi-pins and the frame itself will be made fractionally oversize for easy insertion of your picture, mount and back board. We can also supply non-reflective glass at a small extra charge.


The Importance Of Acid Free Materials In Frames
As you may know, if materials with an acidic content come into contact with your pictures, they may over a period of time cause marks and discoloration to your work. This is of course why all good watercolour papers are acid free. However there are still many frames produced which use cheap mount boards with an acid content. In addition, the standard MDF and hard board backing boards used in probably the majority of frames have quite a high acidic content.

At AFC we only use quality acid free white core mount boards, plus
Conservatex backing board which is laminated on the inner surface with an acid free barrier, and also waterproofed on both inner and outer surfaces. In addition our frames are fitted with “bumper” pads. These white 4 mm thick felt pads offer three benefits: - stop pictures moving, minimise wall marking, and allow air to circulate behind the picture to help prevent damp and mount / picture warping. We believe these are all serious considerations when choosing a frame for your artwork.

We will upon request, always be happy to provide you with up to eight individual customer selected samples of both mouldings and mountboards, by return and post free. Or alternatively, we will be pleased to supply you with a comprehensive range of over fifty picture moulding, and mount board samples (see sample request form). These specially produced samples are provided free of charge, with only the net cost of postage and packaging to pay.

These will most certainly provide you with an excellent reference for your present and future frame requirements, at very competitive prices.

Please note that apart from our own range, we have access to thousands of other mouldings and many more mount board colours if you have a particular requirement.

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We accept payment via cheque, cash or credit cards.